1. PROFESSOR OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE (currently) ·  Columbia College of Missouri (27 years)
Experience includes advising and teaching over 2500 students who have gone into the law enforcement profession on local, state and federal levels

·  VISITING PROFESSOR OF LAW ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION  ·  University of Oklahoma, Law Enforcement Administration Program (9 years - adjunct)
Taught law enforcement courses to undergraduate majors in the Law Enforcement Administration Program three times per year during intersession

2.   CERTIFIED POLICE INSTRUCTOR ·  Law Enforcement Training Institute (3 years)
 Experience includes training literally hundreds of sworn law enforcement officers in the numerous areas including patrol tactics, criminal investigation, use of force and arrests

3.   SENIOR AGENT / CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR ·  Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs

4.   CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR ·  Kansas Bureau of Investigation

5.   CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR ·  City-County Investigative Squad (Metropolitan Kansas City area)