Case review & analysis / incident reconstruction / preparation of oral & written opinion reports / position papers / affidavits
Testimony in depositions, hearings and trial / responses to summary judgments / policy development & evaluation / production of documents

Evaluation services involve case review from the perspective of proper and accepted police procedure. Case evaluation includes an extensive review of all materials associated with the case in addition to a search of the available professional literature on the subject in question. If asked to do so and if necessary, case evaluation may require a visit to the crime / incident scene for further investigation.

The law enforcement organization’s standard operating procedure (SOP) manual is also critical in the case review process to determine both officer compliance and the extent to which the agency adheres to nationally recognized standards. This process is important for both defense and plaintiff.

Opinions are formed on the basis of materials contained in the case file along with training, education and experience in the field of policing, and professional research on the subject. Opinions and conclusions are grounded in national standards of care that are used nationally in police policy formation.

Quality of services, attention to detail and a critical analysis of all aspects in each case have resulted in strong client relationships and repeat business